Setup Patreon on WordPress website in 5 simple steps

How to setup patreon in wordpress

Nowadays, you can easily monetize your website/blog through various ways, such as Google Adsense, selling of digital products and sponsorship post. All you have to do is to have a well design and responsive website and lots of good contents to achieve it.

In today’s article, we will be sharing on how to setup Patreon on WordPress website. Feel free to drop us any questions under comment section.

Patreon WordPress Plugin

The Patreon WordPress plugin allows you to create post which the visibility of the post can be controlled by you. The post can be configure to shown either to patron who has pledge a certain amount or to the public. You can easily add on a Patreon button or widget by just installing Patreon button, widgets and plugin


1. Signup or login to your Patreon account

How to setup patreon in wordpress

2. Install and active Patreon WordPress plugin

How to setup patreon in wordpress

3. Get API key to link the Patreon WordPress plugin by creating a client 

How to setup patreon in wordpress

4. Copy and paste the client ID and secret into Patreon Settings page 

How to setup patreon in wordpress

5. Create a post and set the amount for the post 

How to setup patreon in wordpress

Congratulations, you have successfully setup Patreon onto your WordPress website. 


Patreon is more than a payment platform as it gives us an alternative to post content, that only our paying patrons can see. The recurring payment model  allows a creator to build a base of patrons who will support the creator as long as the contents are update regularly.

Most importantly, Patreon will take care of chargebacks or declined payment to protect creator. So you don’t have worry about this and you can truly focus on creating awesome contents.

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