Grow your business: 3 Reasons to start blogging for your business

Reasons to start blogging for business
Reasons to start blogging for business

Blogging for your business? Blogging is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business online and it is also a platform for you to interact with your existing or potential customers as it encourages your customers to leave a comment or feedback.

There are many reasons why most small business owners don’t use blog as a marketing tools for their business.

The most common reasons are that:

  • It is hard to consistently come up with interesting topic which are related to your business.
  • Inexperienced in engaging with readers
  • Do not have the resources or manpower to commit to the blog.  

If you need motivation, here are 3 reason to start blogging for your business.

1. Increase your website’s organic traffic

Through blogging, it enables you to attract organic traffic to your website. For every blog post you create, you are actually adding to the number of index-able pages that your website has.

By doing so, you are indirectly expanding your brand’s awareness and increasing the number of opportunities for your business.

Reasons to start blogging for business

2. Building up your brand authority

By sharing your experiences or relevant information with your readers, you are showcasing your expertise in a certain subject area. 

If your readers managed to constantly get answers or solutions to their problems from your blog content, you will be their number 1 choice when encountering this type of problems.

It’s help to establish you as an authority for this particular subject area.

3. Cost effective marketing and publicity

While creating a post for your blog, you can write something regarding about your company or brand. For example, you can add in a small description inside the post, describing your product or service that you provides. You can also put link inside the post, interlinking your previous post, to reduce the bounce rate.

Reasons to start blogging for business


Blogging helps your company to stand out and differentiate from your competitors, Blogging also helps in attracting and nurturing of existing leads, as it acts as another source to strength the connection with your customer. By sharing your experience and insight, you are building up your organic traffic and eventually converting the lead into a sale.

Thinking to start a blog but unsure about if it is suitable for your business? If your business has an existing domain, you can create a subdomain to try out blogging. And for those who just started their business and do not own a domain, there are several options for you.

First option is you can try blogging through free platform (such as blogger or

Second option is getting your own professional website. You can set up your blog inside your website.

The last option is blogging offline. You can install wordpress onto your computer. Testing it out and if you think that you are ready to start blogging online, you can easily migrate your offline blog into self hosted wordpress site.

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