Free Images for your blog: 8 awesome sources of royalty free Images

Free Images

Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash

Free Images: What is CC0 Licensed Images?

CC stands for Creative Commons and CC0 is the “no copyright reserved”option in the CC toolkits.The purpose of CC0 license is to remove all the rights from the creator and delicating those rights to the public domain. Images with CC0 license allow you to use it for commercial usages without the need of paying it.

Why it is important to have images in your blog?

The advantage of using images is to increase the overall appeal of your blog and attracting more traffic (via feature image of the post), thus boosting the number of post view.

People who monetize their blog through the traffic (Google Adsense) going to their blog, will find that images are important tools that help them to attract readers' attention. 

There are other reasons why you should use images, and one of them is to break up large segment of texts, making it easier for your readers to read.

Another reason is to emphasize a certain statement or point in your article. With the help of image, your message can be brought across to your readers clearly. This is extremely important when you are writing a guide or tutorial.  

Free Images

Unsplash provides high quality photos under the CC0 license. They has been cited as one of the leading photography websites in the world, which has more than 70,000 contributing photographers. 

2. Pixabay

Free Images

Pixabay is an international website for sharing public domain images and videos. Pixabay users can find and contribute images or videos that are CC0 licensed. In order to download the full sized images, a registration of Pixabay account is required.

3. Pexels

Free Images

High resolution images and photos can be obtained from Pexels for free, as they are licensed under the CC0 license. All the images and photos are indexed according to their categories and can be easily discover through the discover pages. 

Free Images

Libreshot is a website that shares free high quality stock photos for private or commercial use without attribution.

Free Images

Burst is a free stock photo site that are launched by Shopify. The objective of Burst is to help entrepreneurs to make better websites or marketing campaigns. Most of their photos are taken in house and are usually themed around trending business niche.

Free Images provides beautiful, high quality royalty free photos and images. All their photos and images are licensed under CC0 license which allows you to use it commercially without the need of crediting the creator. 

7. Freepik

Free Images

Freepik is a website that offers free high quality graphic designs which are carefully selected by their designer team. In order to use their graphic design, attribution is required.

Free Images

Foodiesfeed is a website that delicates in providing naturally high quality food photos. 


It is important that the images or photos you used in your blog are CC0 licensed, or else be prepared to remove them and refrain from using them anymore.

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