Free Online Design Tools: Unleash the artist within you

By Editorial Team | Nov 16, 2018
Free Design Tools

Free Design Tools As stated in our previous article – Free Images for Your Blog, you should know that images play an important part in your blog or website. It is also crucial for you to have graphic design tools such as photoshop or adobe illustrator, in order to create attention seeking and professional images…

3 Proven ways to monetize your blog to generate passive income

By Editorial Team | Nov 13, 2018
Monetize your blog

3 Proven ways to monetize your blog Prerequisites To Monetize Your Blog Two things are required, in order for you to start monetizing your blog. 1. Get your blog set up And when I say set up, what I really meant is to get your own website (self hosted) instead of free blogging platform.  Most…

Free Images for your blog: 8 awesome sources of royalty free Images

By Alan | Oct 29, 2018
Free Images

Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash Free Images: What is CC0 Licensed Images? CC stands for Creative Commons and CC0 is the “no copyright reserved”option in the CC toolkits.The purpose of CC0 license is to remove all the rights from the creator and delicating those rights to the public domain. Images with CC0 license allow you to use it…

Grow your business: 3 Reasons to start blogging for your business

By Alan | Oct 26, 2018
Reasons to start blogging for business

Reasons to start blogging for business Blogging for your business? Blogging is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business online and it is also a platform for you to interact with your existing or potential customers as it encourages your customers to leave a comment or feedback. There are many reasons why…

Setup Patreon on WordPress website in 5 simple steps

By Alan | Oct 20, 2018
How to setup patreon in wordpress

Nowadays, you can easily monetize your website/blog through various ways, such as Google Adsense, selling of digital products and sponsorship post. All you have to do is to have a well design and responsive website and lots of good contents to achieve it. In today’s article, we will be sharing on how to setup Patreon…

How to setup Google Adsense onto WordPress Blog (Passive Income)

By Alan | Oct 18, 2018
how to setup google adsense in wordpress

Interested in turning your hobby into a stream of passive income? By having your own blog, you can monetize it through ads, sponsorship post or even donations from your readers. Of course, you have to provide useful or interesting contents in your blog in order to attract people to visit. If you are unsure on how…

Migrate your WordPress Website to a New Host in 5 Simple Steps

By Alan | Oct 17, 2018
how to migrate wordpress website

Changing of hosting sites, domain names or even switching over from a staging environment (localhost) to a production environment (live website), migration is a common task for all wordpress website/blog owners and when migration is not properly done, one of the biggest problem faced is losing of data. Of course, if you find that it’s…

How to install WordPress on Localhost 2018

By Alan | Oct 9, 2018

  Is there a need to install wordpress onto your local machines? It is possible for you to install wordpress on to your Windows PC. The purpose of this is to create a staging environment for you to test out new plugins, plugin updates and major UI changes before rolling it out to your actual…


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